Władysław Pilars de Pilar (1874 - 1952)

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Władysław Pilars de Pilar
Władysław Pilars de Pilar

Władysław Pilars de Pilar (1874-1952), a literature professor at the Warsaw University. Born on March 3, 1874 in Opatówek as a son of Edward Gustaw Pilars (born in Opatówek in 1834, died in 1905), an accountant in G. A. Fiedler's fabric factory, and Ewa Grzankowska.

Władysław Pilars de Pilar was a literature professor at the Warsaw University and the vice-president of the Poetry Association and the vice-president of the Shakespeare Association.

He was a poet, the author of Tragedia (The Tragedy) - a hexametric poem dedicated to Napoleon. The book, illustrated by Zygmunt Grabowski, was published in 1927. The poem was also translated into English, French and German. Other pieces by Władysław Pilars de Pilar are: Symfonia Bałtyku (The Baltic Symphony) - a poem written in Polish, French and English. In the author's note to Tragedia the next books prepared for publication were mentioned: Życie dla sztuki (Life for art) and the dramatic poem Augustus, which took place in the Roman Empire in the 3rd century.

Pilars got married to Antonia Freiin von Oer (1872-1946), who was a courtlady of the princess of Mecklenburg - Maria Antonina, tsar Nicolas II's cousin. Władysław was ennobled in 1915 by tsar Nicolas II as the baron Pilars de Pilar. He inherited a factory in Warsaw and a house in Struga near Warsaw. After the factory in Warsaw was burned by revolutionists in 1906, his family moved to Germany. However, Władyslaw stayed in Poland and died on November 22, 1952 in Chorzów.

Based on information from the poet's family and the note in the book Tragedia. Look also at the family website: www.pilarsdepilar.de




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