Eugeniusz Dejter

Jadwiga Miluśka

He was born on January 3, 1901 in an evangelical family as a son of Albertyna and Fryderyk. He was probably the first doctor working only in Opatówek. Beforehand, the sick inhabitants were treated by hospital attendants, even by barber surgeons and quacks. Doctor Eugeniusz Dejter lived with his wife in Łódzka Street in Opatówek. Here on August 8, 1930 his son Stefan was born.

Doctor Eugeniusz Dejter is kept in mind by the dwellers of Opatówek as a good doctor, devoted to his patients. He was helped in his work by his wife Elżbieta born Stejkowska who was also a doctor. He was engaged to the social activity. He was a supporting member of the Shooting Union (Związek Strzelecki). He also took care of the children's home. He had tuberculosis and died on June 8, 1934 in Opatówek and was buried in the evangelical part of the cemetery in Opatówek.

After death of E. Deiter his family emigrated to the USA where Stefan studied medicine and was graduated as the best student. He was a specialist in cardiology and internal diseases. Before setting up his private clinic, where he treated well-known politicians, he worked in the National Hospital in Washington. Before his death he visited the tomb of his father in Opatówek. Stefan Dejter died on April 16, 1998 in the USA.

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